Mid-season Sprinkler System Check

What are you doing when your sprinkler system is running at the early hours of the morning? We hope the answer is sleeping and NOT checking your sprinkler system! Honestly though, your sprinkler system is an important part of maintaining a healthy yard and often times get overlooked because it is not “visible.”  Your sprinkler system requires various seasonal adjustments throughout the year to ensure it is always working at its best.

Right now, it is important to have us perform a mid-season system check.  Your sprinkler system watering times are adjusted as needed for the hot, dry weather to account for increased evaporation.  We go through your system and settings to ensure all sprinkler heads are adjusted for proper coverage, check for leaks and broken pipes; we ensure the timing settings maximize effectiveness as there is a “right time” of the day to water your yard.  We also check for preventative maintenance issues. We make the repairs so you don’t have to.

The end result is that your system is running at its best efficiently and eliminates accidental water waste.  This saves you money. Additionally, you have the peace of mind that your valuable lawn and landscaping are getting the water they need to perform its best with the extreme summer weather conditions.