Big Differences

Dreamscaping Services

We believe in providing professional Lawn Care, Landscaping, Hardscaping, Snow Removal, and Specialty Services with the highest level of quality and with unparalleled customer service. We call our service Outdoor Dreamscaping; we offer every service for your outdoor needs. We believe your outdoor spaces are an extension of your indoor spaces. We want you to love it when you’re looking out your window into your backyard, when you walk out the front door, when you’re pulling into your driveway, and especially when you have parties with family, friends and colleagues. We offer complete outdoor care with premium design, quality products, perfect installation, and continued hassle-free maintenance. When you’re ready for more than just a lawn care company, or you would rather deal with one professional than six different companies to do landscaping, fertilizer, mowing, and snow removal and etc., it is time to call Troy at Outdoor Dreamscaping (402) 850-4400. Want to learn more? Please view our service portfolio below:

Lawn Care



We don’t just “mow” your yard. We used top-quality equipment and crosscut, which means we mow your yard twice every time we mow it. Now, this may take a little longer, but it ensures your yard looks amazing. See some crosscut lines in the images to the left. At Outdoor Dreamscaping, we provide the best lawn care service.

Fertilization | Weed Control

A green and organic lawn looks amazing, doesn’t it. We take care of that for your lawn by using the best products for weed control and fertilization Omaha. No need to call another service provider. We use the highest quality chemicals to ensure the safety of your family and beloved pets while greening your yard, and don’t ever worry about weeds either. We have you covered. Call Troy at (402) 850-4400.


Best Aeration Services Omaha, because your lawn is living, and it needs to breathe. Since we take complete control of your outdoor spaces, we are there weekly and know exactly the right time to aerate your lawn. When we aerate, it allows your lawn to breathe by taking small plugs of ground out. You’re proud of your lawn, and we will prove we are just as proud of your lawn and the work we do by aerating when your lawn needs it rather than when it fits into a schedule by another company. Another advantage of Outdoor Dreamscaping providing all your lawn aeration services.


We don’t want your lawn to have bare spots of dirt and we doubt you do either, so we overseed it as needed and where needed. We believe all of your lawn should be beautiful. We believe in providing all of the lawn maintenance services to ensure you enjoy your lawn, always.

Power Raking

Power Raking is the process of removing thatch and other things in your yard… blah blah blah. We know you don’t really care about what it is – what it does is ensure your lawn looks beautiful. At Outdoor Dreamscaping, we have all your local lawn care service needs covered. Call Troy at (402) 850-4400.

Yard Cleanups

Whether a tree falls in a storm, or leaves cover your beautiful lawn, Outdoor Dreamscaping is here for you. You don’t have to call another company, we check your lawn after storms, because we are the best lawn care service Omaha. You don’t have to rake the leaves – watch some football and enjoy family time. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, all you have to do is call – Troy at (402) 850-4400.

Sprinkler Systems

Overwater your lawn and you have a mess. Underwater your lawn, and your lawn looks yellow and dies. We design, install, and maintain your sprinkler system to ensure your lawn is always beautiful. We offer sprinkler system repair Omaha. Since we’re at your home weekly, we alter your sprinkler system settings based on rainfall, sun, and the way it feels and looks. Outdoor Dreamscaping does it all so you don’t have to.


Design | Build | Maintain

Flowers | Potting

Flowers & Flower Pots with automatic watering systems add colorful vibrance to a home. We believe they make people smile. Actually, we get the most compliments from our customers and their neighbors about the flower designs, selections, planting and maintenance we perform in Omaha, NE. It isn’t Dreamscaping without flowers.

Plants | Shrubs | Trees

Beautiful Landscapes Start With Us, and we start by designing a layout of complimentary plants, shrubs and trees. Of course, we maintain them, prune them, and ensure they grow healthy and strong and fit the decor of your landscape. We plant the proper selection of trees to endure Nebraska winters but ensure beauty yearlong. Call Troy at (402) 850-4400 to transform your lawn into a Dreamscape. Tree services Omaha.


Mulch is a beautiful way to give your landscape definitive areas and create transition between different sections of your lawn. With properly landscaped areas, mulch becomes a healthy part of your yard. We believe in mulching without plastic barriers, as the natural qualities of mulch prevent weeds, add color, transition landscapes, and allow water to penetrate to ensure trees, plants, shrubs and flowers grow wonderfully. Mulch Omaha.

Rocks | Boulders

We use the perfect rock selection to add color and design to your lawn. When landscaping larger areas, large boulders add wonderful depth and dimension to outdoor spaces. We aim to provide the best Omaha landscaping service. Call Troy at (402) 850-4400 for more information.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler and drip water systems ensure your landscape stays beautiful, your trees stay strong, and your shrubs green. Since we’re at your home weekly, we alter your sprinkler system settings based on rainfall, sun, and the health of your living landscape. We offer sprinkler system installation Omaha and sprinkler system repair Omaha. Outdoor Dreamscaping does it all so you don’t have to.

Landscape Lighting

We believe, that during the night, your landscape should have its features highlighted by perfectly placed lighting. It adds beauty to your outdoor spaces, brings color to the night, and even provides security for your family. Call Troy at (402) 850-4400 for more information about the best landscaping company Omaha.

Landscape Cleanups

Rain, wind, and other factors will often require a landscape cleanup. This is when Outdoor Dreamscaping puts everything back together. Whether it is replanting flowers, fallen tree removal, or just cleaning up limbs, we ensure your landscape always looks its best.


Design | Build

Retaining Walls

We add integrity to your outdoor spaces with Omaha retaining walls that are often necessary to change steep landscape designs or with altering levels of lawns. Since we do it all, the big things and little things, we ensure your lawn looks beautiful after we have installed retaining walls; most contractors go in and build a wall tearing up sprinkler systems and grass. We handle everything so we ensure your lawn and systems look amazing and work well after your wall is installed. Call Troy at (402) 850-4400 for more information.

Paver Patios | Walkways | Driveways

We believe that pavers add the highest quality finish and fit to landscapes. We design and build quickly and again have your entire outdoor space in mind. We will ensure that the design allows water flow, and design flow within your landscape. We invite you to enjoy the spaces we design and build for you.

Concrete Patios | Walkways | Driveways

Often times concrete is the client’s desired choice for hardscaping patios, walkways and driveways. We have the equipment and 20+ years of expertise ensuring you have well planned and built hardscaping features. Call Troy at (402) 850-4400 to have a professional discussion on how we can transform your outdoor spaces with hardscaping.

Fire Pits

Fire Pits allow you to truly enjoy your outdoor spaces, by providing warmth and ambience for you, family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to enjoy on cool evenings or cold winter days. Love your landscape year round!


A pond can add surprising fun to your landscape. Add some fish and frogs, and kids will actually find time to put down their iPads and see some fun outdoors. Call Troy at (402) 850-4400 for some creative ideas and designs to add life to your landscape.


We get big compliments from our installation and maintenance of water features. Whether you want to add a large waterfall as a visual feature, or just place a few smaller water elements to add some calming and tranquil sounds to your outdoor spaces, Outdoor Dreamscaping will help you enjoy your landscape. Beautiful Landscapes Start With Us.

Swimming Pools

A swimming pool in your backyard can refresh your spirit and allow you and yours to enjoy hot Omaha, Nebraska summer days. What more is there to dream about than a pool party for your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. We do more than just design and install swimming pools, we make them “Outdoor Dreamscaping” worthy – with waterslides, waterfalls, in-pool bars, and even hot tubs. Call Troy to get some creative ideas, and then plan your pool party (402) 850-4400.

Winter Snow & Ice

Removal | Management

Snow Removal

Don’t worry about the overnight snow. When you’re drinking coffee and looking out at the beautiful snow, you can take a walk to the front window and see a snow-cleared driveway. With our Snow Removal Omaha services, we do the work so you don’t have to! Don’t freeze. Don’t throw out your back. Don’t slip and break a bone. Don’t hate the snow! Enjoy the snow from the warmth of your home not while shoveling or blowing snow.

How We Are Different

From the start of a snowstorm, we have all our trucks running and over 50 employees removing snow with snow plows, blowers, and even shovels. We do it right. We work through the nights and days. We may clear your driveway three or four times throughout the storm. This is the Outdoor Dreamscaping difference. Imagine your driveway, walkways, and livable areas all clear of snow.

Ice Management

We believe your safety is critical; don’t slip and fall. When there is an ice storm in the forecast, we are out covering your sidewalks and entryways with de-icing products. We’re prepared for your safety.

Storm Services

Often we need to remove snow and ice from roofs or other outdoor spaces for safety reasons. With large ice storms, trees can fall, and damage can occur to your home. We take care of all your outdoor needs with year-round service!

Be Prepared

Call Troy now at (402) 850-4400 to get signed up for your Winter needs. Remember, all our trucks, 50+ workers, and the best equipment to ensure you can enjoy the winter storms from inside your home. And if you do have to leave, Outdoor Dreamscaping will clear the path.

Specialty Services

Holiday Lighting

Everyone loves holiday lighting, but it sure can be a pain to install and uninstall the lights – how to select the colors, where do we plug them in, what brand do we buy? At Outdoor Dreamscaping, we are an authorized distributor, designer and installer of Brite Ideas Lighting. We use top-quality Brite Ideas LED lighting on your home, we install accent pieces on trees and yards, plus we also make your entrances grand with wreaths, garland and more. When we remove them, we store them for you until we re-install them next season. In addition, we now offer interior Brite Ideas decor design services. Instead of dealing with the cold weather, trying to make family and friends happy, just call us for a one-stop solution – Troy (402) 850-4400.

Pest Control


Why are we better then the “fence companies?”  No matter the type of fence – privacy, security or invisible dog fencing, we design for your needs and always have your landscape and family in mind.  We are mindful  of your property and minimize damage as we always repair damage to any turf or landscaping. We use only the best products to ensure your new fence keeps that new look for its lifetime with maintenance when needed.  We also repair fences from fallen trees or wind damage. One-stop solutions at Outdoor Dreamscaping. Call Troy at (402) 850-4400.

Drainage Systems

By definition water is a colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of life. We can all accept this, but when water enters your home during heavy rainfalls you might change your thoughts on dealing with water entering your home. When we design landscaping, we think about water and how it will affect your home and landscape. Our well thought out plan requires us to install once, and we do it correctly so you never have to worry about costly expenses and hassles of your basement flooding. Do not be fooled by companies that take the “shouldn’t be a problem with the water” approach because often times these are the people that call us to “fix and re-do” what should have been done in the first place. See some of our photos to the left on how we recently redid another company’s drainage system.

Swimming Pools

Let’s face it, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! Pools are great for entertaining and a way to truly relax during your down time. Make lasting memories with your significant other, kids, grandkids, friends and entire neighborhood with a grand pool. Outdoor Dreamscaping will plan the perfect placement, design it, utilize family friendly options to ensure you love it, and build it to suit all your desires. Whether it’s a slide, waterfall, or even an pool bar, we have you covered. Call Troy for some fresh ideas about how to love your landscape with a new pool design Omaha. (402) 850-4400.