Aeration and Overseeding

One of the most beneficial steps to maintaining the health of your lawn is through aeration. Lawn aerating is the mechanical process of removing thousands of small plugs of soil and depositing them on the grass surface. Our core removal process allows oxygen and water to reach the roots, loosens up soil to promote growth, permits fertilizers to reach roots and enhances thatch breakdown. This allows the lawn to take in all of the rich nutrients.  

Overseeding is very important in repairing turf areas and making sure your lawn stays healthy. Overseeding helps make the lawn more disease tolerant, less drought prone and adds a level of insect resistance. For this reason we recommend overseeding in combination with aeration. These should be completed together because the holes made from aerating the turf allow for grass seeds to drop in holes which equal much higher seed germination.

For the best results, we suggest Aeration & Overseeding take place in the fall. This helps ensure your lawn is healthy during tough Nebraska winters and helps lawns succeed the following spring.